Monday, November 24, 2014

I kind of let this die, didn't i?

Whoops. Partially because of life, and partially because Blogger has been a PITA for me for months. I've been wanting to change the layout, but I can't. If I add a widget, it'll be fine for about 5 minutes, and then I'll get an error and it will get deleted.

I can't work like that, and I'm very close to leaving Blogger because of the problems I've been having. I've been looking around at other free blog hosts, but I'm not really finding anything I like. I have a domain name registered, I just never got around to attaching it to this blog. I think I may just add a hosting plan from my provider and get back to my roots, so to speak.

I'm pretty active on Flickr, if you want to even bother keeping up with me...

Nice hair, or cute pose. Pick one.
Nice hair, or cute pose. Pick one. by q u i r k e d on Flickr

I'm decently active on there, though I post more than just doll photos. Sometimes I post random phone pictures of my cats, or WIP sewing projects. Or finished projects.

I'm on Tumblr, too... but I mostly just lurk. I mostly just 'like' posts on there. I'm kinda too shy to reblog most things, I think. Or share my own stuff. (Or maybe I'm too lazy? There's a Tumblr share button on Flickr xDD). And also there's a lot of drama. And assholes. There are some nice and awesome people, but mostly assholes.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Not-Doll Related/Adventures In Real Life: Cleaning My Dishwasher

I just wanted to drop off a tip I found via Pinterest.

But first some background... This past week, I noticed that my dishwasher had a really stinky smell coming from it every time I opened it. And not only that, the dishes that had been washed in it smelled like that too... even my glass ware! D: I was trying to figure out the source of the smell, and the only thing I can think of is that I didn't rinse the plates that I had put my cats' wet food on very well. I know that dishwasher detergent needs something to cling to, and usually just scrape my other plates. But the plates I put the wet cat food on usually get rinsed really well -- for the sole purpose of avoiding what happened. It was a gross, fishy smell -- one of the flavors of wet food I give them is salmon, but I also give them a little bit of pumpkin (boy kitty had some constipation issues a few weeks back) on the days that I give them wet food. But let's be real: wet cat food is stinky, regardless.

I finally got tired of the smell and scoured Pinterest for ideas on how to clean the inside of the appliance. And I came across this at The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking. It's a very in-depth guide at cleaning a dishwasher yourself. A lot of the problems that arise with dishwashers is a result of not cleaning them.

The only issues I was having were the stinky smell and that the dishes weren't coming out quite as clean. My plastic containers were spotty and some came out with a gross cloudy film; and my silverware had the icky film too. I emptied the dishwasher, and put the fishy-smelling dishes back in the sink to be washed again. Then I went ahead and checked the rubber gasket where the dishwasher and door meet, the spray arms, and the cage filter. Those were all fine, so I figured the smell to be coming from the drain.

I got out my big bottle of white vinegar, and poured some in the detergent cup (and also into the rinse aid reservoir, since I also ran across a few pins in my search that said it works great as a rinse aid). I also measured out a cup and poured it into the bottom of the dishwasher itself. Then I measured another cup into a glass measuring cup and placed it securely in the top rack and then ran it on the 'heavy' cycle with the 'high temp' setting.

Guess what? NO MORE STINK! And the dishwasher looks cleaner as well. I'll reload with the fishy smelling dishes and see what happens. :) I'm looking forward to seeing if it cleans any better.

And from now on, I'm going to make sure to rinse the kitty dishes really well. xD

Monday, March 31, 2014

March Sewing Round-up + Dolly News and Babble

In March I sewed:

- Rinji's wig
- Dolman top in JID girl size

These are just the finished final versions of a project. I went through a lot of mockups this month, as I mentioned in my previous post I have been going through and refining and adjusting some of my JID girl patterns. The Dolman top was super easy, and there is a lovely no-pattern method here, but I went to the trouble in drafting a pattern. At least I'll have the benefit of consistency and symmetry? xD

I still haven't done a full test run of the first pattern I adjusted. The mockup looked good, but I need to do a full test run to be sure.  I do mockups for fitting purposes out of inexpensive and usually unattractive fabric (in the case of stretch knit items, I'm using some old jersey sheets of mine that don't fit my new bed), and I usually don't all the seam finishing that I do on a final version. I like to do test runs in a nicer fabric, preferably something that is not limited in quantity that I can get more of, and I make it like I would a final version. Usually my final versions are made out of fabrics that I have limited quantities of and cannot get anymore, so I try to be careful about cutting into that stuff and make sure way beforehand that my pattern does in fact work successfully. :)

I also worked on refining my leggings pattern to make for easier cutting and sewing. I basically ended up having to build a new pattern, and have gone through nine mockups in trying to get the fit right. I think I may have it. But I need to do full test runs in two-way and 4-way stretch to see if it work. JID girls are so hard to fit! Slim waist with a gigantic butt... I'm sure drafting for nYID girl is going to be an adventure...

And lastly, is my t-shirt pattern for JID girls. I gave up on my original and scrapped it and started back over. And it's going much better this time. I've done one mockup, and made some adjustments to the pattern, so now I've got to do another mockup. I can tell right now that I'm likely going to need to shorten the sleeve, as I only messed with the width of it. This is one that will end up being a multi-use pattern. I can use it as a low-cut tee, or add a collar band to make it more like a traditional tee, or I can leave the sleeves off and it can be a tank top. Or add long sleeves, etc.

I'm doing all this in preparation for a round of clothing for JID girls. My own are in desperate need of clothes, as are Dear Friend's. In the coming week (first week of April already!), I would like to finish up my adjustments on the leggings and tee pattern and start working on the full test runs. By the weekend, I would like to have my patterns fully functioning. I'm aiming my weekend to be a personal crafting weekend, so I'm going to try to get the majority of my chores done before the weekend so that I have Saturday and Sunday free for sewing.


In other dolly news, I have decided to go through will reshelling Devyn into Iplehouse Bliss. I'll be ordering her Thursday evening, just to be sure I get my order confirmed before the ordering period is officially over. Since I'm reshelling her, I've listed her previous shell, Luts Senior Delf Mia for sale on DoA. I'm very excited about her, as Devyn's character is starting to develop more and more.

I also got Rinji's proper eyes this past weekend. AND I AM SO EXCITED.

His ears have been ordered from Pipos, and his tail just needs to be finished up. Then he'll be done! I've had this guy since 2011 (? He's the Elemental Guardian version), so he's been about 2.5 years in the making. It feels really good to be near the 'completion' of a project. Clothes are a never ending thing, but I think he's good for awhile. He's got his Elemental Guardian Knight outfit that I have never put on him, and the Addiction Claude outfit. The latter of which took nearly an hour to put on. He's staying in it for awhile. xDD

Yee. I am so happy with him right now. ♥

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh snap.

Just realized that nearly all the images on 'The Crew' page are broken. xD I'll fix it eventually. I'm still trying to decide if I want to try to keep working around Blogger's setup, or if I want to try another service... or just bite the bullet and get my own space where I can be in control of everything. I've had a domain registered for a few years now, and it's due for renewal this next month. I thought about attaching it to this mess, but I never got around to it because I don't like Blogger's CMS or the limits.

Maybe it's time to get back to my web development roots? IDK.

Rambles for the day:

1. An eyeball overhaul is going to be taking place soon. xD Need more 12mm eyeballs up in this joint. Tarek is getting downsized to 12mm, as well as Coco. Yarra too, if Makos will fit without too much gapping. Because DAYUM:

I bought a new pair of 12mm eyes with more depth for Coco last night. xD Hand Glass Craft D400 Green Hazel. She's wearing Hand Glass Craft D24 Green in the picture. They're nice, but a little flat color-wise. I like a darker rim around the iris, and the eyes I just bought her seem to have that in addition to a ring of brown around the pupil. I think they'll look really nice in her.

The eyes in Yarra are Enchanted Doll, and they gap like crazy. I think it's the high domes for the most part. That's why I want to try some Makos in him. They have low domes. ^^ I'll likely end up getting new eyes for Kale and Asalie as well, to keep things matching.

Basically, there is an inadvertent eye revolution happening in my house. xD

In other news, I've been messing with patterns. I altered my one working JID girl shirt pattern to fit all three bust sizes, and am working on refining my leggings pattern. So far, so good! ^^ I'll probably try finishing the tweaks tomorrow evening, as I feel I'm done fussing with it for the moment. I think I'm going to spend the rest of my free time this evening sketching out a pattern for a Dolman-sleeved top. I've been wanting to make one for awhile, and was thinking about it today at work and did a finger-sketch on my phone. xD My co-worker was actually wearing a Dolman top today and I made her lift her arm up so that I could inspect the seams of her shirt. She didn't question it, she already knows that I'm crazy I sew. I kind of want to make some of these tops for myself. I found some cute fabric, and I'm waiting for a sale on it. ^^

I hope I'm over the whole time change within the next day or so as I don't have a whole lot on my chore list for this weekend other than grocery shopping and laundry. Which I'm pretty sure that means that I'll have time to sew this weekend.

What's on the agenda? Finishing those remaining LTF tops, finishing up Rinji's wig (take the back in a little and hem the front edge), and those last two shirts I have cut out for Tarek. And if there is time, cut some leggings and tops in JID girl size. :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

CAUTION: Haphazard Rambling Ahead

Oi vey.

Got my new bobbin cases in... but the tension on my machine was still messing up. So I went through the motions of trying every setting, and ended up back where I started. And it's working sort of decently. Changed the needle and gave the inside a dusting as well. I've got a few patterns I want to test, so I'll try the machine out on those. It's making weird noises, but not like scary like it's going to break or anything. It's just a bit disheartening that I may have to take it into a shop for repairs when I feel like I haven't used it enough to warrant that. :/

In other news, I'm actually getting something back on my taxes this year. I think it has something to do with having a professional do it this year instead of paying to use software and spending 4 hours answering questions to the best of my ability only to find out that I owe money on top of having to pay to file my taxes and other last minute fees that were tacked on. But I'm getting back enough to pay off some things, and also have enough left to buy some doll stuff.

By doll stuff I mean eyes from MakoEyes and ears for Rinji from Pipos. xDD

I was also hit momentarily with the thought of selling my Isar, Carleigh. She just isn't working out in the role of Corynne's younger sister. Her backstory works better without a younger sister. Corynne does have a younger brother, but he's only a few years younger, rather than approximately 10 years younger. I really didn't want to regret selling her, even though I could rebuy her from the DCS if I did. But she'd be more expensive to rebuy than what I paid for her. So I looked into reinventing her character. I think I may have found it, but she's going to need a new faceup, wig, and possibly eyes. As well as a name. I've had a character bouncing around in my head for a few years but it wouldn't stick to any doll. I'm playing with the idea of seeing if it will stick to Isar.

Hmm... by q u i r k e d on Flickr
Syle-wise, these are very different. But I see a little similarity in the nose area despite that. And Isar has slightly pointed ears. I have a light brown Iplehouse Bibiane planned to be Indi's partner. I see a bit of similarity in the eyes and lips between Isar and Bibiane. Maybe Isar could be the child of Indi and her partner? Since Indi is an alien, her biology is a bit different despite the fact that she looks humanoid. It's almost taking a page from the show 'American Dad' -- "kissing gets you pregnant!" xD Because that's really the case here. Not just a random kiss from just anyone though -- both parties must have mutual, loving feelings about each other. We're talking soulmate level here, folks. I think a sassy, smoky faceup similar to Indi's will help Isar out. And a new body. Right now I have her on Suki's old body, which is from 2010. Suki is on Asalie's old body, which is from 2009. I've given the body that Isar came with to Asalie. That one is the favorite, so I have a difficult time taking it back. The mismatch between Isar and either of the older bodies I have drives me crazy. Asalie matches the new body pretty well because of her faceup.

I do have an idea of what color wig and eyes I want for Isar. It's just a matter of when to send her off for a new faceup. I may wait until I get her a new body, in case there is another radical resin mismatch there. If there is, hopefully blushing or airbrushing will fix it up. ^^ And then there is the case of coming up with a name for her. I may just put her in the Head Box until I get my shit together with my other dolls. xD

I also got hit with the possibility of another one of my dolls getting a makeover as well -- but this one would be a complete re-shell of a doll.

Iplehouse did a thing:
Iplehouse YID Bliss by Iplehouse on Flickr

I keep thinking to myself that I'm not a fan of open-mouthed dolls, yet I own: Supia Rosy, Iplehouse Storm, Soom Gneiss, and Luts Mia. I think I'm only trying to fool myself. xD Though I've had the mouth modded closed on my Mia, who is named Devyn.

That is who might get reshelled. Devyn. Devyn is not really a girly girl, as I've sadly discovered. She's the one doll that I have that would fit into all the pretty frilly SD girl outfits that I like and she won't wear them. She definitely wouldn't fit into them if I reshelled her as an Iplehouse nYID. Bliss' face has a lot more character, and I think I can see a bit of Yur in her, especially in the nose area. I think I spy a little ski-jump nose! My Yur is Devyn's older cousin. Bliss also has a tomboy-ish look the way she's styled in the photo, and Dev definitely isn't a girly girl, so this may be fitting. I'm unsure of her mouth, but that's something that I could probably have modded to not be as open. Maybe sort of the way Bianca's mouth is. ^^

It's something I would definitely have to think on for awhile, since I had resolved to finish a good portion of my projects this year. I did have everyone caught up on faceups, but then I went and bought two more dolls. xD Those two will need faceups after I get them home, and clothes. One still needs eyes. But that will be resolved once I make my Mako order. Then I think everyone (who has an established character) will be caught up on eyes.

I just really, really want to get all the faceup/wig/eyes business caught up with everyone so that I can just focus on making clothes and not get overwhelmed with so many needing to be 'finished'.

Does that even make any sense? o_o;