New Crew Member!

New Crew Member! by q u i r k e d
New Crew Member!, a photo by q u i r k e d on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I broke down and adopted a Littlefee. Having Dear Friend's LTF Rolly staying with me for sewing purposes has convinced me that I needed one of my own.

I got her secondhand, but she's basically brand new, her previous owner had only had her for two weeks.

These are in no way her permanent wig or eyes, they're just what I had in her size that I could tolerate. 14mm eyes seemed to overwhelm her a bit, so she's wearing 12mm EDs. I think they're just a touch small, but it may be just that I don't really like the color all that much. I have some 14mm Mako eyes on the way to try out in Devyn, so I'll try them out in little Chloe here as well. I think she may need a pair in the blue or blue-green family. :)

It's also entirely possible that I may end up turning this Chloe faceplate into a boy. But we'll see. I also have a LTF Juri 13 faceplate on my Want List to be a girl. It all depends on if I can track one of those down, and how easily I can find another body (preferably boy, but doesn't necessarily have to be, because no one would know unless they looked, ya?).

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  1. Congrats so much on getting her(him?). She looks adorable in that combo you picked up, but I do want to see her with green eyes, too. The LTF Juri'13 is adorable, I hope you can get her too!!


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