Image from AngelToast Aesthetics
The lovely Elisa_maza at AngelToast Aesthetics sent me the final pictures for Ryo, my Soom Idealian51 Holland. I AM SO HAPPY. ;~;

I am definitely glad I gave this sculpt a chance. His stock photos and default faceup weren't that great, but I was sure that he had some potential. I don't think very many people ordered him, or even order this particular size of doll. Not that Soom offers it up for sale very often, anyway... >_>;

I'm excited for him to come home. I just got word today that the blue faux fur I ordered for making his wig will be shipped soon, and I have some new eyes here for him to try out. I can't wait to get him more put together! He definitely needs more clothes, and that means I'll have to make them. He's bigger than Kale, my JID boy (muscle body) and I'm pretty sure that he's thicker than Kido, my Souldoll Vito Amon (human). So I think he might need his own set of patterns...  But I also don't mind too much that if he's naked; the Idealian51 body is very nice! ;D

Now that his faceup is done, I think this will help me develop his character some more. I haven't actually worked with his character that much in writing, so I think I'm going to have fun with this. I had originally thought that he was a rather easy going guy, but I think he's going to be more of a sassy administrative assistant diva type. xD

We'll have to see. ~♥


  1. He looks *so* handsome!! Huge congrats!! I can't wait to see how you develop his character and the eyes+wig combo you are going to get him :3

    Someday, if it is not too much to ask... will you take a pic of the IH girls with the 3 boys you mentioned? I want to see how the look together, in height, and head proportion ♥

    1. Thank you! :D I can't wait to work on him some more. He should be home sometime next week!

      I will definitely take some pictures of a few of my IH girls with those three boys! There definitely needs to be some more comparisons out there. I'll make sure to take a picture of my I with the boys (since I know that she is one of the sculpts you're interested in), as well as my Isar. Isar has a smaller head than most of the girls, so that may give an idea for some about other mature MSD sized girls with smaller heads (like Withdoll, AquariusDoll, etc.). :)

    2. Thanks so much!!! I will look forward to see that comparison :3


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