I did stuff...

But I never got around to taking pictures of what I did. I kept getting distracted with things lol.

BUT. The sweater and skirt set I made for Iselle? I made two sets in JID girl size. One set for my Suki, and one for Dear Friend's JID girls to fight over. I'm now working through the pile of SID man shirts that I've had cut out since forever. I got one set done, and now I'm seeing where I wanted to make changes before. And how to actually sew the blasted thing together. I TOOK NOTES THIS TIME.

I'm working on a set of dark grey shirts, and I have a sneaking suspicion that they're not going to fit. The fabric is thicker and doesn't have quite as much stretch as the other ones I cut out. So I'm using them as guinea pigs for the edits I want to make to the pattern. Just an edit to the sleeve and collar pieces to help them lay flatter. They kind of bell out in places I don't want them to, and I'm pretty sure I know how to fix it but I'm testing to make sure before I change my pattern. I have other grey fabric that looks nicer and has the same thickness and stretch that most of the fabrics I've been using have. If the shirts end up not fitting my SID guy, they'll probably fit a slimmer male doll or maybe even one of my bigger girls. Hopefully Devyn, she's the only one out of my bigger girls that would wear a pocket t-shirt. xD

Back to work! I'll try to take some pictures of the projects I've done, and I still need pic spam for last week and this week. There are simply not enough days in a weekend, nor hours of daylight in a day.

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  1. Congrats on getting back to dolly sewing yet again! :3 I have always think that shirts are something really difficult to make, so I really hope you can make them out perfectly! I know what you mean about the daylight hours in a day T_T when I come back home from work there is almost no light to take pics!


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