I fixed the thing.

I fixed the thing., a photo by q u i r k e d on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
I cut the original skirt off the bottom of the dress and just hemmed it to make it a sweater (that cannot really be seen here). I then made another skirt that I am much happier with.

I may or may not be getting my sewing mojo back.

Also, dat Supia tummy. ♥


  1. Hahaha, it looks great now! Is she on the 58cm body?

  2. I'm much more pleased with this one! And I learned more about how to assemble it so that I looks nice on the inside as well. I need to put in a strip of fabric as sort of a built-in panty, the skirt keeps wanting to slide up to her natural waist. xD I really love the fabric too -- it's a stretch fabric, but it's one of those types that you would use for a dance recital or ice skating costume or something. Since it's a stretch fabric, it doesn't fray, and since it's heavier than a typical stretch knit, it doesn't roll up either. Which means I didn't need to hem it! :D I need to wait for my usual fabric store to get more colors of the fabric back in stock -- I want to use it for leggings too! ^^

    And yes, Iselle is on the 58cm body. I like it much more than the new 60cm double jointed body, even though I can't trust her to stand on her own worth beans.


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