New Year; 100th Post

Yep. It's my 100th post. Been trying to save it to post something spectacular, but then life happened.

New year... time to set goals, yes? Because that's what people do. I've got some personal goals in addition to doll-related goals, but I won't bore you with the personal stuff.

In 2014, I would like to...

  • Sew more. That's my goal every year, but it rarely happens. I'm determined this year! I'm imposing a Doll Craft Challenge upon myself, setting small goals such as making at least one doll-related item per month. If I make more, great!

    I think I might be off to a good start by doing a thing yesterday/today. Or rather, two things:

    I did a thing. by q u i r k e d on Flickr

    Mildly satisfied, as they were both quick projects. I know I can do better. Sweater is fine as is, even though all the seams except for the hem are unfinished and the sleeves are a little too long. I know where I can improve on the next few that I make. It was also a patternless project. As in: hold fabric against doll and cut to fit and sew. I usually make patterns for everything. Even a shirt like this. But I didn't this time. It was weird, but strangely liberating. Liberating, I think because I came out with a halfway decent end result. The skirt I'm not happy with, but know where I can improve and have enough off-cuts from this one to make another. Which I may do this evening. ^^ I made these mostly because I wanted to make something for Iselle and I was looking for motivation to work on the other projects that need to be finished. I'm getting there, I think!

  • Take more doll pictures. I was making my folders on my computer for 2014 and noticed that my 2013 folder for doll pictures didn't have very much in it. I usually take pictures every month and consequently end up with 12 folders by the end of a year. 2013 only has 6 folders in it. :/ So just like my Doll Craft Challenge, I'm going to challenge myself to upload at least one new doll picture each week. I may count my Doll Craft Challenge photos, depending on the composition of the photo. Here's my first one, that I took yesterday:
Iselle by q u i r k e d on Flickr

  • Finish up the dolls I currently have before getting new ones. This is a hard one that I'm going to mostly fail at right off the bat, since Iplehouse is discontinuing some sculpts. One of them is one I want to shell another one of my characters. Near the end of February, I'll be putting a JID Ryan on the Model body in Peach Gold on layaway. I'll be putting him on layaway mostly because I am in no rush to have this character done, and he was actually further down the list. But since the sculpt is being discontinued, I think it would be better to go ahead and order one with the exact options I want instead of scouring the secondhand market later and possibly having to settle for something that isn't exactly what I wanted.

    As for finishing the dolls I currently have, I'm well on my way with that for the most part. My last two that needed faceups -- my LTF Chloe and my F65/60 2012 10th Anniversary Jury -- are with AngelToast right now. ^^ And I am currently waiting on a F60 female body for Indira (Jury). She will need tattoos on her body eventually, but I need to decide what I want on her first. Tarek and Yarra are back from having their faceups fixed, and then when Chloe and Indi get back, those four will need eyelashes installed. As for wigs, I think I only need to buy wigs for Chloe, Mari, and Devyn. Wigs for Rinji, Yarra, Tarek, and Kale will be made by me. Rinji still needs his proper eyes, some ears from Pipos, and I need to make his fluffy wolf tail. Indi may need new eyes. I have some Everpurple eyes that I really like in her, but I think the domes may be too high. I'll have to check again when she gets back from faceup.

    After that, then I can just work on clothes for everyone. And maybe buy some shoes for my SD girls.

  • Keep incoming dolls to a minimum. I can't promise that this will happen. Iplehouse is also going to offer Addiction fantasy heads and parts in the Doll Choice for January. I hope it isn't just for January. I adore the fantasy version of Doria and would love to own one, but I don't know if I can swing a nearly $1k Doll Choice order and then order another doll at the end of February. I did get some money for Christmas, but I'm not sure I can even swing it with that. I'll have to look at my finances.

    Doria-lust aside, a Peach Gold JID Ryan is next to be ordered at the end of February. He is going to be Diesel, one of Asalie's friends/co-workers. He's going to be my adorable blonde and blue-eyed ball of cuteness. His wig may or may not be a challenge. I have Noctarcana Circus Strongman Partner outfit (Kale is the NC Ryan, and was the only way for me to get a Ryan in Real Skin at the time), so I have the wig. It's the right style I want for D, but I'm not sure if the color is right. D is a blonde, but I'm up in the air on if he's a yellow-y platinum blonde or a dirty blonde. Oh, and he and Ryo are an item apparently. :o

    LTF Chiwoo Elf Boy was planned to be ordered in March. But I don't think that's going to happen. xD My plan for this one is to switch the faceplates with my LTF Chloe. I adore the Chiwoo Elf Boy face, but I want it as a girl. My Chloe I plan on turning into a boy named Benji. The Chloe faceplate is actually getting a more boyish faceup at the moment. Girl!Chiwoo Elf Boy is a being of unknown origin at the moment who will be named Elodie. Until I get a CEB, I guess Chloe will be playing the part of Elodie. I have her eyes, and the wig I wanted for her is finally back in stock and will be ordered soon. And I've only made girl clothes in LTF size so far and only have girl shoes. xD

    As far as that goes, I'm kind of up in the air on what doll I may want after those two. I try to limit to 3-4 a year max. I have a bunch on my Want List, which I should probably make a page for... But I guess things are variable; based on events, discontinuations, etc.

  • Get my doll items fully reorganized. Like really reorganized. Not just to an acceptable state, but everything has a place and everything is in its place. My father got me a big-ass cabinet (a metal one like one would find in a garage or workshop lol) for Christmas, so that I have a safe place for my dolls that is easily accessible. It's nice to have them out and easy to get to, rather than keeping them in their boxes. I have a bag full of doll stuff that is in great condition that I need to list for sale. They are things that didn't work out for me, but maybe they will for someone else. ^^ Additionally, I'd like to set up an area in the Unofficial Doll Room for taking pictures.

So those are my doll goals for 2014. Hopefully I can make good on them and have something to show for it when 2015 rolls around. 


  1. So happy to read you again! I know what you mean with all the pattern making, I also make patterns for everything! Love the sweater and skirt, I think those colours match the tan skin perfectly.

    And it was nice to read all of your dolly-goals, I hope you can keep up with them! Happy new year! :3

  2. Thank you! I'm going to try my best to be more active this year.

    I think I do the pattern thing for everything, because I figure I may want to make another of the same item in the future. It's much nicer to have a pattern to go off of, rather than hope that you can cut something the same way you did in the past! I did the patternless sweater in JID girl size, but it didn't come out as nice as it did for my Rosy. I actually have a pattern for the same type of sweater in JID girl size, I was just trying to see if I could do it without a pattern.

    I realized that I really do like having patterns because I like my straight lines to be straight, and I like things like arm openings to be the exact same on both sides. xD The patternless way is a good way to make something quick for a new doll that you may not have any clothing, or patterns to make clothing with yet. I have a friend that can cut a piece of fabric to fit a doll and just sew it up and it looks perfect every time. I don't know how she does it, and I was amazed every single time I sat and watched her make something from scratch.


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