Playing Catch-up

I thought my weekends were when I was supposed to post on my blog? I guess not! Been busy the past few weekends. I guess I may have to do what I did a couple of years ago, and gradually work on a post throughout the week so that I can post on Sunday nights like I would prefer. xD

Let's start with some pictures:

Just Like Sis..., a photo by q u i r k ed on Flickr.

An outfit for Suki... that is almost identical to the one I made for her sister Iselle (Supia Rosy). She's going to kill me. xD Don't care, she looks cute. It was a good way to get back into sewing mode. Sweater was made with the patternless cut-to-fit method, which still weirds me out. It may be my perfectionist tendencies, with a dash of OCD. Ah well. Like I've mentioned here or elsewhere, it's a good method to make a quick top for a doll that needs clothes that you haven't had time to sit down and make patterns for yet. Dear Friend's JID girls also got one of these outfits to fight over. Skirt includes a built-in faux panty. I just connected the short ends of a small rectangle of fabric to the waist seam at the center front and center back of the skirt to keep the skirt from sliding up to the 'natural' waist. It works! I still need to do that to Iselle's skirt. I have to pull it to just below the waistband of her panties to keep it from shooting up to under her ribs. xD I think I'll be doing this to all skirts that I make that have stretchy waistbands. 

SID Man Shirts, a photo by q u i r k e d on Flickr.

Sewing those sweater + skirt outfits got me geared up to sew a pile of SID Man shirts that I've had cut out for approximately two years. This picture is a result of about half of what I actually sewed. There were two shirts of each color. What's missing from my stack is a brown shirt; because I sewed one shoulder seam wrong and tried to fix it and ended up with an irreparable hole. Dear Friend's SID guys got shirts like these, plus a brown one. I'll make another brown one soon for my one SID guy that will wear t-shirts (one won't -- I used him as a fitting model and he fought me the entire time lol). I'm finally happy with the fit of my pattern for this shirt, and now I would just like to make a v-neck version, and also conquer pockets...



What's on the sewing table now? I cut out four pairs of leggings in Littlefee size. Black and blue denim plus a pair of shiny black for Dear Friend's three Littlefee girls, and one blue denim pair for my one. I also plan to get back to work on the long-sleeved top pattern I started when I first got my Littlefee. I like sewing for them -- despite the small scale, it's a little easier to draft patterns. There aren't as many curves to account for as there are with a much more mature figure.

And speaking of Littlefees... I just ordered another one! :D While I love my Littlefee Chloe, I would much prefer her as a boy. My all-time favorite Littlefee sculpt is the Chiwoo Elf Boy... except I want it as a girl. I realize there is a Chiwoo Elf Girl, and she's cute and all, but I really love the Elf Boy face more. I think it's the mouth. ♥ I have sent my Chloe off for a new faceup, one that is a bit more gender neutral. Chloe will be staying a girl until I get the Chiwoo Elf Boy, and then I plan on swapping their faceplates. 

The Chloe boy will become a sweet little boy named Benji, and the Chiwoo Elf Boy-girl will become a sweet little elf-eared girl of unknown origin named Elodie. She has no ties to any of my existing characters as far as I know, I just wanted a cute little girl doll that I can sew little dresses for and dress up all cute. ^^

I actually got preview pictures of the Chloe faceplate and Indira (my Jury 2012) the other day...

I think this faceup will work nicely for a girl or boy. I ordered the wig I want for Elodie from LeekeWorld last night, and it's already been shipped. Very excited!

I'm also excited for this lady:

This is Indira (IN-DEE-RAH), or Indi for short. She's an alien of some sort. I ordered an F60 female body on layaway for her through Denver Doll Emporium during Fairyland's F60 event in October. It's now fully paid for and I'm just waiting for the big group order that the body and extra hands I ordered are in to arrive at DDE. I saw a post in the Fairyland Waiting Room thread on DoA that they got the tracking number for the order they placed before the order that Indi's body was in... So perhaps not too much longer! I'm still debating on eyes for her. I have some nice Everpurple eyes, but the domes are touch high. I do rather like the color of the eyes that the artist put in her for the preview photos though! I have long crazy curly pink wig waiting for her. Then she'll get in line with the other dolls for me to make some clothes for her. I may do the patternless top route for now, unless she's close enough in size to Devyn (Luts Senior Delf Mia) that I can make clothes for them at the same time.

Fun times ahead. ^^

I'm also coming along with finishing Rinji, my Iplehouse Claude. He's the Elemental Guardian verision of Claude, and I got him nearly fullset -- just no faceup or parts brushing. So he has that knight outfit and I'll be using bits of the armor with it. The arm and shoulder pieces. That's it. xD Dear Friend ordered the Addiction human version of Claude in Light Brown (he's very scrumptious, let me tell you!) and I jumped in with her order to get the Addiction outfit. It's amazing. I haven't tried it on Rinji yet, but I think I'm going to once I get him restrung. I've had him for about two years and he still has his Iplehouse stringing. He's got the Flops. Once that's solved, I think I'll be able to handle dressing him. ^^;

I put in an order to Enchanted Doll for his proper eyes, andI also have the fur I need to make his proper wig and tail. After that, I'll just need to order some ears from Pipos and he'll be pretty much complete. The icing on the cake would be to either find some of the Addiction Claude demon hands in Real Skin (and hope they match) or buy some extra SID man hands (and hope they match) and mod/have them modded them to have claws.

His wig and tail might happen this week or weekend if the Littlefee shirt pattern goes well. :D

Oh, and let's round this really long post out with some Pic Spam, since I'm behind:

Suki, a photo by q u i r k e d on Flickr.



  1. Suki is so gorgeous! Love the sweater, but I'm as perfectionist, and I can't sew without patterns!! Love the faceups also, they are both great.

    You know? After reading your blog so much, I end up buying myself a tiny doll. I hope she will be shipped on February.

    1. Thank you! Suki is definitely one of my favorites to take pictures of. :) And yes, the patternless method weirds me out so much! I couldn't get the armholes to look identical and it drove me crazy -- it didn't matter after it was sewn up, but I like my armholes to match! But it's a good way to make something really quick, or as a start to drafting a pattern.

      Hehe, it's interesting to know that I had an influence on someone! Careful with those tiny dolls though... They're addictive! I've got my second on order now, and I know of two more that I'd like to own that are in the 26cm range. I'm also now finding myself looking at Pukifees. X_x; I had a Pipos Robin sometime ago, and he's approximately that size. I thought he was too small. So I don't even know why I'm looking at them!


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