Workspace Wednesday?

Workspace Wednesday?, a photo by q u i r k e d on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Here's a finished shirt for Dear Friend. I had a second one cut to make for myself but I had to toss it because it ended up with an irreparable hole in the shoulder seam. :( I'll have to cut a new one, but in a darker brown, because I cant find the fabric I used for this one.

I'm working on the dark military green shirts at the moment, you can see their pieces in the bottom left corner. There are also pieces for two red shirts as well. They'll be worked on tomorrow, hopefully. I'm hoping to get the green ones finished tonight, but it may not happen. I have to leave for work earlier than usual in the morning for a training seminar.

Dear Friend and I plan on having some Dolly Fun Tiems this weekend, and these shirts are going to be part of it. I had cut these shirts with the intent of putting pockets on the chest. But I have been defeated by these mere pockets for the moment, and need to go back to the drawing board on that. I decided that putting designs on the shirts would be much more fun, so that is one of the crafts that we're going to do this weekend. ^^

Oh. I also have another set sewed up, a set of graphic tees. No pics of those yet. The collar and sleeves came out a little wonky on those, which led me to edit the sleeves and collar on the subsequent shirts. I think I'm happy with my pattern now. :D

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  1. Wow it looks like you have been doing a lot of sewing lately! So cool! I love how this tee ended up, it fits the doll so good!


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