2014 Doll Craft Challenge: February Round-Up

Doing my round up post a little early, since February is a short month. Going to keep it short and sweet. I haven't been in any mood to take decent pictures. In February, I completed:

  • 4 pairs of Littlefee leggings. I only kept one pair, and the other three went to Dear Friend for her two Littlefee girls plus the third that she has on layaway. ^^
  • 1 Littlefee long-sleeved top. I'm not even sure if I can say that this is completed, because it isn't. I still need to sew the snaps on the back. I've been avoiding it because there are three sets of snaps and I don't like sewing by hand. xD I had to postpone the other three tops that I have cut out, because I had to order a new bobbin case for my machine. Sewing the next items is what messed it up in the first place...
  • 2 SD-sized wolf tails. These are not fully completed yet either. I need to get some wire to put on the inside for posing purposes, and then I need to sew in the magnets and attach the magnets' mates onto the behinds of the tail owners. Sewing these things are what I believe messed up my bobbin case, as they were the last things I sewed before going back to sewing clothing. The fur got rather thick in places, and I ended up having to go back over some spots to reinforce the seams. The bobbin case may still be usable for zigzag stitching, which is what I use when I sew fur, so I may save it and put a mark on the bottom of it to designate it as such. And then I'll just use it whenever I sew faux fur.

I suppose seven things isn't bad. Definitely not as much as I wanted to complete, but still better than nothing! :) Having to order a new bobbin case really put a damper on things. I literally cannot sew anything until I get it. I actually went ahead and ordered two. I figure that if I'm going to need to be replacing it every 4-6 months, then I should just go ahead and order a couple if I can.

Right now, I've got the three remaining LTF tops, and two more SID Man tees that are cut out and need to be sewn. As for upcoming sewing projects, I've got Rinji's wig and some JID Girl and SD Girl stuff on the agenda. I'm still fiddling with the sizing on Rinji's wig, but I may be able to work on that whilst I wait for my new bobbin case. I have patterns for some JID girl stuff, but I need to refine them a little bit to make them a little easier to use. SD girl stuff, I don't really have much drafted up, other than the beginnings of a fitted tank top and a pair of shorts.

Let's see what March brings. Hopefully good things! :)


  1. Wow you did a lot of sewing this month! And I love all the things you got. You know? I ended buying a tiny because you tempted me so much hahaha. Love to read your blog, as always, and I think you did well going and buying two bobbins!

    1. Haha, thank you! I'm going nuts right now because I can't sew. My only other machine is my serger, and I really only use it for finishing my seams. The good news is that the bobbin cases have shipped, and I should get them Monday, since they're coming from just one state away.

      Tiny dolls are so fun! I think you'll really enjoy yours. Some say that sewing on the smaller scale is difficult, but I like the challenge. :) Do you plan on making clothing for yours?

    2. Oh, I hope they have arrived already, then! :3 I admire you, to be able to use those terrifying machines, hahaha.
      I got a 16cm tiny, but I will definitely sew for her! :3


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