2014 Doll Craft Challenge: January Round-Up

I figured I should probably see how I did with my goal to do MOAR SEWING. ^^

In January, I....

Made a sweater and skirt set for Iselle, my Supia Rosy. The sweater was made with a patternless cut-to-fit method and I did it as a quick project to try and get my sewing mojo going and also to try something new since I'm so finicky about making/having patterns for ALL THE THINGS. I had the intentions of making it a dress. I did at first, and I didn't like how it turned out. So I cut the skirt of it off, hemmed the top part to make it a sweater, and attempted making a separate skirt. First try didn't come out as nice because I'm not that great at making even gathers by hand. Second try came out just how I wanted. Because I cheated -- high tension + long stitch length.

That went well, so I decided to give it another shot in another size. Suki (Iplehouse JID I) needed something new, and I decided to make a second set at the same time to give to Dear Friend who has two three JID girls herself (her Violet is at the Post Office! :D).

Those went well, so I felt ready to tackle the stack of SID Man-sized t-shirts that I've had cut out for forever and a day. One set I ended up tossing because I lost some sleeve pieces. I didn't have any more of the fabric, and it was crap anyway. Another set I ended up tossing because the fabric wasn't stretchy enough and it was too much of a fight to get them on. So I ended up with a set of graphic tees, a set of brown, a set of dark military green, and a set of red. One of the brown shirts didn't survive, so I gave DF the survivor for her guys and I'll be making another for myself eventually. She needs them more than I do. She has two SID men, and will be ordering another soon. I have two, but only one will wear t-shirts. ^^ I used the set that ended up not fitting as a guinea pig for some edits I wanted to make to my pattern, and now I have a pattern that I'm finally happy with. I just need to make a v-neck version, and also conquer pockets.

After I conquered the stack of SID Man tees, I went back to the long-sleeved top pattern that I'd sketched up right after I got my Littlefee. I wasn't sure about the style at first, but the more I looked at it the more I liked it. Especially after I got her new wig in and I put it on her to give a better idea of what it would actually look like once I get her faceplate back. I think I'm just going to make a few minor tweaks to it and then I'll be happy. It takes a little longer to make one of these versus making one for one of my larger dolls, because I found that the shirts need a back closure. The proportion of a Yo-SD sized doll's head to it's body is different from the larger, more mature dolls that I own. Some shirts just cannot be pulled over a head, and some heads are actually faceplates and the headbacks are still pretty large and don't come off easily. xD So let's cut out frustration later, and just sew snaps on the back.

So how many items is that?

3 sweaters
3 skirts
7 t-shirts
1 long-sleeved top
14 items total

HOLY CRAP. That's a lot better than I was going for! I was just aiming for at least one item per month! Self, I am proud of you. 8D Hopefully I can keep it up through the rest of the year!

Let's see what February brings. Right now I have 4 pairs of leggings for Littlefee cut out, and a stack of fabric that would be ultra cute as long-sleeved tops. I have plans for Rinji's wig and tail, and also to finish tweaks on a couple of my JID girl patterns (top needs to be altered to accommodate glamour bust and my leggings pattern just looks sad compared to the one I made for Littlefee xD), and my SD girls are in dire need of clothing.



  1. Wooow!! You did a lot of sewing in January!! And all the things were beautifull.
    Congrats, and keep up the good work!! :3

    1. I did! I'm kind of in shock thay I sewed so much. I think one of the things that helped me was canceling my cable television subscription. Saves me money AND makes me productive. ;)

      Thank you! ♥


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