Still being a bum, for the most part. I did sew four pairs of Littlefee-sized leggings though. I need to tinker with my pattern just a little bit. They're just a bit too tight, and a little wiggle room wouldn't hurt.

Been messing with sizing a wig pattern to fit Rinji. It's easy enough to sew, since it's only 3 pieces. But Shaggy Mongolian faux fur is the bane of my existence. I cannot get it to look nice no matter what I do. Once I get a wig sewn, it looks all thin, patchy, and balding. :( BUT. I did experiment with standard long faux fur, I think I figured out how to cut it short without making it look like a shaved Tribble.

I only have a small piece of the slightly shorter faux fur in white though. I think I'll make Rinji's tail first, and then see if there is enough scraps left to make him a wig. He doesn't require a shorter haircut like a lot of my boys. I'm hoping that it will look nicer than the Shaggy Mongolian faux fur.

I still have 3 Littlefee tops to sew, and then I think I need to start sewing for my SD girls. Especially my Feeple60 girl and Devyn, my Senior Delf girl. Even if I just make patterns for a long sleeved top and leggings, that would be great.

Bleh. WHERE DID MY MOTIVATION GO? I need it to come back! ;~;

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