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Oi vey.

Got my new bobbin cases in... but the tension on my machine was still messing up. So I went through the motions of trying every setting, and ended up back where I started. And it's working sort of decently. Changed the needle and gave the inside a dusting as well. I've got a few patterns I want to test, so I'll try the machine out on those. It's making weird noises, but not like scary like it's going to break or anything. It's just a bit disheartening that I may have to take it into a shop for repairs when I feel like I haven't used it enough to warrant that. :/

In other news, I'm actually getting something back on my taxes this year. I think it has something to do with having a professional do it this year instead of paying to use software and spending 4 hours answering questions to the best of my ability only to find out that I owe money on top of having to pay to file my taxes and other last minute fees that were tacked on. But I'm getting back enough to pay off some things, and also have enough left to buy some doll stuff.

By doll stuff I mean eyes from MakoEyes and ears for Rinji from Pipos. xDD

I was also hit momentarily with the thought of selling my Isar, Carleigh. She just isn't working out in the role of Corynne's younger sister. Her backstory works better without a younger sister. Corynne does have a younger brother, but he's only a few years younger, rather than approximately 10 years younger. I really didn't want to regret selling her, even though I could rebuy her from the DCS if I did. But she'd be more expensive to rebuy than what I paid for her. So I looked into reinventing her character. I think I may have found it, but she's going to need a new faceup, wig, and possibly eyes. As well as a name. I've had a character bouncing around in my head for a few years but it wouldn't stick to any doll. I'm playing with the idea of seeing if it will stick to Isar.

Hmm... by q u i r k e d on Flickr
Syle-wise, these are very different. But I see a little similarity in the nose area despite that. And Isar has slightly pointed ears. I have a light brown Iplehouse Bibiane planned to be Indi's partner. I see a bit of similarity in the eyes and lips between Isar and Bibiane. Maybe Isar could be the child of Indi and her partner? Since Indi is an alien, her biology is a bit different despite the fact that she looks humanoid. It's almost taking a page from the show 'American Dad' -- "kissing gets you pregnant!" xD Because that's really the case here. Not just a random kiss from just anyone though -- both parties must have mutual, loving feelings about each other. We're talking soulmate level here, folks. I think a sassy, smoky faceup similar to Indi's will help Isar out. And a new body. Right now I have her on Suki's old body, which is from 2010. Suki is on Asalie's old body, which is from 2009. I've given the body that Isar came with to Asalie. That one is the favorite, so I have a difficult time taking it back. The mismatch between Isar and either of the older bodies I have drives me crazy. Asalie matches the new body pretty well because of her faceup.

I do have an idea of what color wig and eyes I want for Isar. It's just a matter of when to send her off for a new faceup. I may wait until I get her a new body, in case there is another radical resin mismatch there. If there is, hopefully blushing or airbrushing will fix it up. ^^ And then there is the case of coming up with a name for her. I may just put her in the Head Box until I get my shit together with my other dolls. xD

I also got hit with the possibility of another one of my dolls getting a makeover as well -- but this one would be a complete re-shell of a doll.

Iplehouse did a thing:
Iplehouse YID Bliss by Iplehouse on Flickr

I keep thinking to myself that I'm not a fan of open-mouthed dolls, yet I own: Supia Rosy, Iplehouse Storm, Soom Gneiss, and Luts Mia. I think I'm only trying to fool myself. xD Though I've had the mouth modded closed on my Mia, who is named Devyn.

That is who might get reshelled. Devyn. Devyn is not really a girly girl, as I've sadly discovered. She's the one doll that I have that would fit into all the pretty frilly SD girl outfits that I like and she won't wear them. She definitely wouldn't fit into them if I reshelled her as an Iplehouse nYID. Bliss' face has a lot more character, and I think I can see a bit of Yur in her, especially in the nose area. I think I spy a little ski-jump nose! My Yur is Devyn's older cousin. Bliss also has a tomboy-ish look the way she's styled in the photo, and Dev definitely isn't a girly girl, so this may be fitting. I'm unsure of her mouth, but that's something that I could probably have modded to not be as open. Maybe sort of the way Bianca's mouth is. ^^

It's something I would definitely have to think on for awhile, since I had resolved to finish a good portion of my projects this year. I did have everyone caught up on faceups, but then I went and bought two more dolls. xD Those two will need faceups after I get them home, and clothes. One still needs eyes. But that will be resolved once I make my Mako order. Then I think everyone (who has an established character) will be caught up on eyes.

I just really, really want to get all the faceup/wig/eyes business caught up with everyone so that I can just focus on making clothes and not get overwhelmed with so many needing to be 'finished'.

Does that even make any sense? o_o;

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  1. So many dolly plans! I hope you can achieve them all! The new girl Bliss is gorgeous, and I love her face. And so bad about the sewing-machine, hope you can get it fixed too, and keep up with the sewing!


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