March Sewing Round-up + Dolly News and Babble

In March I sewed:

- Rinji's wig
- Dolman top in JID girl size

These are just the finished final versions of a project. I went through a lot of mockups this month, as I mentioned in my previous post I have been going through and refining and adjusting some of my JID girl patterns. The Dolman top was super easy, and there is a lovely no-pattern method here, but I went to the trouble in drafting a pattern. At least I'll have the benefit of consistency and symmetry? xD

I still haven't done a full test run of the first pattern I adjusted. The mockup looked good, but I need to do a full test run to be sure.  I do mockups for fitting purposes out of inexpensive and usually unattractive fabric (in the case of stretch knit items, I'm using some old jersey sheets of mine that don't fit my new bed), and I usually don't all the seam finishing that I do on a final version. I like to do test runs in a nicer fabric, preferably something that is not limited in quantity that I can get more of, and I make it like I would a final version. Usually my final versions are made out of fabrics that I have limited quantities of and cannot get anymore, so I try to be careful about cutting into that stuff and make sure way beforehand that my pattern does in fact work successfully. :)

I also worked on refining my leggings pattern to make for easier cutting and sewing. I basically ended up having to build a new pattern, and have gone through nine mockups in trying to get the fit right. I think I may have it. But I need to do full test runs in two-way and 4-way stretch to see if it work. JID girls are so hard to fit! Slim waist with a gigantic butt... I'm sure drafting for nYID girl is going to be an adventure...

And lastly, is my t-shirt pattern for JID girls. I gave up on my original and scrapped it and started back over. And it's going much better this time. I've done one mockup, and made some adjustments to the pattern, so now I've got to do another mockup. I can tell right now that I'm likely going to need to shorten the sleeve, as I only messed with the width of it. This is one that will end up being a multi-use pattern. I can use it as a low-cut tee, or add a collar band to make it more like a traditional tee, or I can leave the sleeves off and it can be a tank top. Or add long sleeves, etc.

I'm doing all this in preparation for a round of clothing for JID girls. My own are in desperate need of clothes, as are Dear Friend's. In the coming week (first week of April already!), I would like to finish up my adjustments on the leggings and tee pattern and start working on the full test runs. By the weekend, I would like to have my patterns fully functioning. I'm aiming my weekend to be a personal crafting weekend, so I'm going to try to get the majority of my chores done before the weekend so that I have Saturday and Sunday free for sewing.


In other dolly news, I have decided to go through will reshelling Devyn into Iplehouse Bliss. I'll be ordering her Thursday evening, just to be sure I get my order confirmed before the ordering period is officially over. Since I'm reshelling her, I've listed her previous shell, Luts Senior Delf Mia for sale on DoA. I'm very excited about her, as Devyn's character is starting to develop more and more.

I also got Rinji's proper eyes this past weekend. AND I AM SO EXCITED.

His ears have been ordered from Pipos, and his tail just needs to be finished up. Then he'll be done! I've had this guy since 2011 (? He's the Elemental Guardian version), so he's been about 2.5 years in the making. It feels really good to be near the 'completion' of a project. Clothes are a never ending thing, but I think he's good for awhile. He's got his Elemental Guardian Knight outfit that I have never put on him, and the Addiction Claude outfit. The latter of which took nearly an hour to put on. He's staying in it for awhile. xDD

Yee. I am so happy with him right now. ♥


  1. Rinji looks amazing, congrats!!! The Addiction outfit looks amazing on him!!
    I understand you, I have been sewing too little for my taste, too :(

    1. Thank you! I am so glad I decided to buy it -- my friend was ordering a light brown human version but wasn't getting any of the outfit pieces, so I saw the opportunity to get the outfit easily. :D I'm on the lookout for the clawed hands, but I may end up buying another pair of regular hands and modding them with Apoxie Sculpt to have claws.

      I've been doing too little sewing of final projects. I've done SO many mockups of the patterns I'm trying to adjust and refine. My leggings pattern is driving me crazy! I can't get the height of the waist, the width of the hips, or the length of the leg right no matter how I adjust it. I think I'm up to 12 mockups at the current time. I took a break from it this weekend, and I'll have to see what this week brings. ;)


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