Oh snap.

Just realized that nearly all the images on 'The Crew' page are broken. xD I'll fix it eventually. I'm still trying to decide if I want to try to keep working around Blogger's setup, or if I want to try another service... or just bite the bullet and get my own space where I can be in control of everything. I've had a domain registered for a few years now, and it's due for renewal this next month. I thought about attaching it to this mess, but I never got around to it because I don't like Blogger's CMS or the limits.

Maybe it's time to get back to my web development roots? IDK.

Rambles for the day:

1. An eyeball overhaul is going to be taking place soon. xD Need more 12mm eyeballs up in this joint. Tarek is getting downsized to 12mm, as well as Coco. Yarra too, if Makos will fit without too much gapping. Because DAYUM:

I bought a new pair of 12mm eyes with more depth for Coco last night. xD Hand Glass Craft D400 Green Hazel. She's wearing Hand Glass Craft D24 Green in the picture. They're nice, but a little flat color-wise. I like a darker rim around the iris, and the eyes I just bought her seem to have that in addition to a ring of brown around the pupil. I think they'll look really nice in her.

The eyes in Yarra are Enchanted Doll, and they gap like crazy. I think it's the high domes for the most part. That's why I want to try some Makos in him. They have low domes. ^^ I'll likely end up getting new eyes for Kale and Asalie as well, to keep things matching.

Basically, there is an inadvertent eye revolution happening in my house. xD

In other news, I've been messing with patterns. I altered my one working JID girl shirt pattern to fit all three bust sizes, and am working on refining my leggings pattern. So far, so good! ^^ I'll probably try finishing the tweaks tomorrow evening, as I feel I'm done fussing with it for the moment. I think I'm going to spend the rest of my free time this evening sketching out a pattern for a Dolman-sleeved top. I've been wanting to make one for awhile, and was thinking about it today at work and did a finger-sketch on my phone. xD My co-worker was actually wearing a Dolman top today and I made her lift her arm up so that I could inspect the seams of her shirt. She didn't question it, she already knows that I'm crazy I sew. I kind of want to make some of these tops for myself. I found some cute fabric, and I'm waiting for a sale on it. ^^

I hope I'm over the whole time change within the next day or so as I don't have a whole lot on my chore list for this weekend other than grocery shopping and laundry. Which I'm pretty sure that means that I'll have time to sew this weekend.

What's on the agenda? Finishing those remaining LTF tops, finishing up Rinji's wig (take the back in a little and hem the front edge), and those last two shirts I have cut out for Tarek. And if there is time, cut some leggings and tops in JID girl size. :)

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