I kind of let this die, didn't I?

Whoops. Partially because of life, and partially because Blogger has been a PITA for me for months. I've been wanting to change the layout, but I can't. If I add a widget, it'll be fine for about 5 minutes, and then I'll get an error and it will get deleted.

I can't work like that, and I'm very close to leaving Blogger because of the problems I've been having. I've been looking around at other free blog hosts, but I'm not really finding anything I like. I have a domain name registered, I just never got around to attaching it to this blog. I think I may just add a hosting plan from my provider and get back to my roots, so to speak.

I'm pretty active on Flickr, if you want to even bother keeping up with me...

Nice hair, or cute pose. Pick one.
Nice hair, or cute pose. Pick one. by q u i r k e d on Flickr

I'm decently active on there, though I post more than just doll photos. Sometimes I post random phone pictures of my cats, or WIP sewing projects. Or finished projects.

I'm on Tumblr, too... but I mostly just lurk. I mostly just 'like' posts on there. I'm kinda too shy to reblog most things, I think. Or share my own stuff. (Or maybe I'm too lazy? There's a Tumblr share button on Flickr xDD). And also there's a lot of drama. And assholes. There are some nice and awesome people, but mostly assholes.

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