It's been a little over 11 months since I last posted here! Mostly because I'm tired of finding and dealing with work-arounds for running this blog the way I want it to run. I complain often about Blogger's CMS, yes? It's a PITA! It has gotten to where I cannot change anything on my current layout. The changes will stay for a few minutes, and then will just disappear. I've got a 'sandbox' side blog that I do my layout testing in... and it's not going well. xD

I have a new layout designed, but getting it coded is proving to be more than a challenge, because I can't just simply use regular coding on Blogger. It has a whole lot of nonsense going on, and too many rules. And I can't even use the 'Layout Designer' to add and move widgets around. I have to hard code it into the template if I want the blasted things to stay! And then if I get something working in my code, it will only work for a few minutes, and then all of a sudden it will stop working. It's incredibly infuriating. If I could edit the template that I'm using now to work with the layout, I designed, I would. I'm surprised that it doesn't, since the layout of the elements is the same. It's just the graphics that are changing.

Rant continues under the jump, if you dare. xD

I'll take a breather for a bit, and then I'll give it another go before I fully throw the towel in. I've had a domain name registered for the past few years, but still have yet to add a hosting plan to it. I'm starting to wonder if it's time for me to do so, since I'm having so many problems doing what I want to do. I want and need layout editing and posting to be easier than it currently is, without having to sacrifice design. I sacrifice that everywhere else I post, ffs. Freedom, pls. I used to enjoy challenges, and I still do, but not to the same extent. I would have enjoyed it while I was in college, but not now that I'm a Real Adult now that has to consistently adult all over the place. I just don't have the time to dedicate to it.

But I did pull out some of my reference books to brush up on my web development skills. Might as well expand on them too, while I'm at it. I plan on trying out a local install of a CMS that I liked that I used in a project in college. I also built my own CMS for another project, but I'm not up to that task, haha. :) If I can get things working how I'd like with that local install, I'll revisit the idea of adding a hosting plan to go along with that domain name I've got.

And just why am I trying to get back into blogging? I miss rambling about sewing projects. I post a lot on Flickr, but people don't really read the descriptions on photos much. I'm sure they wouldn't if they saw that there was a wall of text. xD I need somewhere to put my walls of text (not that many people read this blog either...)! I also opened an Etsy shop, and I figured that a blog would be a good thing to have, among the other social media venues for updates and whatnot. I also made other social media accounts... I was only on Flickr and Tumblr before, but now I also have a Twitter, Instagram (I still can't believe I made one haha), and a Google+ page. A Facebook page is still under consideration, since I rarely even get on it anymore myself. I've not yet posted to the newer social media stuff, as I'm still trying to figure out what the best order of posting would be, since I know that you can send/share posts to other social media accounts if you have them connected. I have my Tumblr connected to my Flickr, but I rarely share the updates to Tumblr. Maybe I should do it more often?

I've got lots of thinking and planning to do. I've been doing a lot of plotting, planning, and designing the past few weeks for my Etsy shop. Now that I've got it running with a few items (I even sold one! :D), I can look back at the social media stuff.

My Etsy can be found here: 

I'd add a link in that section up near the top of the blog, if I could. xD

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