New layout is almost done! :D Finally.

I just need to do a few styling things, test out the content that I wanted to add to my sidebar to make sure it won't be overloaded, and fix the additional pages that I have. Hopefully I can get it live by this weekend. I wanted to get it live last weekend, but I was down for the count due to getting a flu shot that Friday. I usually feel a little crappy afterwards and am generally tired for a couple of days while it starts working it's way through my system. So I didn't do much of anything last weekend, aha. ^^;

And I've had a crappy few days, so I did some retail therapy today. I got some more fabric to make clothes with... :x And they're pretty much all for Quinn. If I have the energy this weekend, I just might work on some stuff for her since I've got several things already cut out... She's very quickly becoming my most spoiled doll. I should also be getting pictures of her faceup really soon, and she'll be back home not long after that. :D So excited to get her back home! Then I'll just need to plan out the markings/tattoos on her arms, which should be fun, because I plan on doing them myself. A bit out of my comfort zone, but it's something I've always wanted to try on a doll.

And speaking of Quinn, I've been doing quite a bit of writing in her story line lately. I decided to make a half-assed attempt at participation in NaNoWriMo this year. However, I will not be following the guidelines, I'm just going to aim at writing a little bit everyday. Some of the other characters are starting to flesh out more, which is both exciting and terrifying. Exciting, because yay, progress. Terrifying because when a character starts to become more important, I usually want to doll them.I already have three extra characters in Quinn's storyline that are not main characters as dolls. I haven't even started dolling the 9(!) other main ones and another character has recently developed to a point that he's important to Quinn and is heading towards that list of characters to be dolled. He would be fun to have, I guess. Scary, demonic-looking entity that is actually quite kind and willingly signed ownership of his soul over to a sweet-looking, 10 year old pink haired girl. xD He teaches her to fight Like A Boss. :D

... I really want my girl home now. ;~;

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