So. I usually keep a notebook and some kind of small craft project in the bag I carry with me to work, for something to do if I happen to have some downtime. I had some downtime today, but no craft projects so that meant I had a notebook to doodle in. I usually keep the notebook nearby for jotting down ideas about any or anything, from sewing sketches to drafts to writing ideas or actual snippets of stories. I also tend to jot down things I need to remember to do, as I tend to remember it better when I write it versus just making a note on my phone.

I've been planning out a lot of things in regards to this blog and my Etsy shop and what steps I want to take next. My notebook has pages and pages of this stuff in it. The only problem is, that since it's a catch-all, all of my notes are jumbled up. I'll be switching to a binder with loose leaf paper and divider tabs to satisfy my OCD tendencies. xD

In the midst of my furious idea scribbling, I came up with something to try in regards to simplifying my layout coding here on Blogger. Something clicked with me in regards to Blogger's silly coding, and things make a little more sense. Still more bloated than it needs to be, in my opinion. But at least I'm not as frustrated now. :) I sketched out and jotted down a few things, and then researched some other things and made a few notes.

When I got home, I slapped together a basic layout code with some basic CSS, and... IT WORKED. At least, so far it does. I'm taking a break from it right now before I dive back in. I've got the page laid out how I want, I just need to add the styling. It's a lot simpler in code, but looks identical to what I had going in editing the existing default Simple template.

I won't be able to use the Template Designer with the way I'm doing things, but I always did prefer to code things right in Notepad. ^^

Yay! I'm able to do a thing! :D

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