It's the Little Successes that Keep Me Going

It really is.

I did some more layout work in my 'sandbox' side blog. Always a good thing to have if you're developing a new layout for your blog! So you don't screw things up like I seem to have done here. xD I had another success after a couple of false starts. I got my vertical separator between the main content and the side bar working. Use just a regular border along one side? Pshhhh. I made teensy graphics. xD And then I had to figure out how to code them so that they work. That took a bit of time, but they at least work on the main blog part. I need to look at the additional test pages I made and decide how I want to make things work there. I may just hide the sidebar on those pages, since it's really not needed there.

I also attacked my header, and I had to simplify my design a bit, but I think I can use CSS and still make it look almost exactly like the layout board that I designed in Photoshop. Which I think might be better; CSS elements will probably load faster than images.

AND THINGS HAVE CHANGED A BIT SINCE I LAST DID STUFF. :o You can do cool stuff now, like cross-fading image slideshows without using JavaScript or JQuery! Just with CSS! :o I am behind the times and I feel old. xD I got excited because those scripting languages are not strong points for me. I've never taken the time to sit down and explicitly learn them. I guess I can add those to my list of things I'd like to learn? But I have a crossfade slideshow of sorts on my new layout! :D I need to mess with the transition with the first/last image because it's kind of choppy and not very smooth. And I had a funny thing happen when I was messing with the coding... I wasn't specific in the CSS about which image tags are related to the crossfade coding I put in, and it made all the other images on the page disappear after all the images in the slideshow were cycled through. xD

Looking at my list (yes, I have a list. I'm a list person), I've got four more layout elements to conquer, my two additional pages, and goodies for the sidebar. Then maybe I can try to move it over here.... should be an adventure. :) Maybe next weekend I can have it go live. ^^

That would be nice because I'm ready to get back to working on doll stuff. I have stuff cut out that needs to be sewn! Patterns that need to be drafted! Patterns that need their 2156165166th adjustment! Doll heads that need to be wiped and sent off for new faceups! D:

I really, really need more hours in the day and more days in the weekend. e.e.

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