It... It's done. X_x; I finally got the new layout coded and working.

Well, it's almost done anyway. It's done enough to go live. :D  I may tweak the spacing between posts, I think they look a touch crowded with real posts? All my posts on my testing blog use Lorem Ipsum text as filler, and I adjusted according to that. But it looks crowded here. Hm.

My additional pages are also fixed up, and I realized that I hadn't been keeping up with updating my Crew page. Almost all of the icons are outdated, and I don't even have icons for some of them. Well, about half. My crew has almost doubled in size since I first made the page. D: I'll be making new icons over the next week and replacing them.

I shouldn't be up this late... I'm getting too old to be staying up late like this. But I had hot cocoa really late in the evening, and I was Hell-bent on getting this done. And I did, since this is where most of my focus has been the past few days. Though I did update some of my patterns and printed new version of them to use because I'm going to try to start sewing for Quinn this next week, and maybe also some more stuff for Etsy. Stuff that isn't Halloween-themed... >_>;

To bed I go. I need to get a few hours of sleep before I hit a fabric sale in the morning. :D

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